The Athletic MindSETTM (Self-Evaluation Tool) helps you evaluate your performance and improve from the inside out.

    Athletes evaluate critical aspects of their athletic mindset, like mental toughness, motivation, focus, and confidence
    Teams evaluate team dimensions, such as culture, cohesion, and team process
    Our reports uncover your athletic mindset strengths and weaknesses, with developmental feedback and mental skills training
    Athletes improve their mindset, which leads to better performance
    Coaches can learn what drives their athletes and how to coach them most effectively

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How can Sports Mentalytics help you?
  • Athletes
    Improve your mental toughness, concentration, motivation, leadership, and other mental performance attributes
  • Parents
    Learn what you can do to assist your athlete with their mental performance and set them up for a successful athletic career
  • Coaches
    Go beyond presentations to your team from a sport psychologist. Get the most out of your players, coach them more effectively, and take a holistic approach to enhance your team chemistry
How It Works
  • Choose Your Report Package
    Start by finding the solution that will work best for you. Whether you are an individual athlete, the parent of an athlete, or a coach, we have a number of report packages to suit your needs. Once you purchase your package, log in and experience our user-friendly assessment and reporting platform.
  • Complete Your Self-Evaluation
    Your development begins with an objective, quantitative self-evaluation of critical mental dimensions for athletic performance. We measure your mental toughness, focus, drive, teamwork, and many other important dimensions.  Your online evaluation will take 15-20 minutes and will uncover a wealth of insights about your athletic mindset on and off the field.
  • Access Your Report
    Our reports teach you to become self-aware of your mental performance and manage your mental game.  You will learn the basics of proven sport psychology techniques that will improve your performance. Our reports go far beyond just scores and numbers to provide instruction and actionable feedback specific to each athlete's needs.

What You Gain
  • Self Awareness
    When an athlete understands their limitations in their mental game, they can focus directly on developing their weaknesses. They can also recognize situations where those weaknesses may be most problematic and work to approach those situations with the right mentality.  Coaches will learn the unique needs of each athlete and can coach to their mental strengths and weaknesses.
  • Mental Skills
    We provide training on six types of mental skills to help athletes manage their weaknesses and improve their mental strength:
    • Self-talk
    • Emotional Control
    • Visualization
    • Routines
    • Goal Setting
    • Re-Framing
  • Better Performance
    Athletes who have strong mental performance see better results. Our strategy and development system are designed to equip athletes and teams with new ways of thinking and controlling their mental performance. Implement the new mental strategies and reach peak performance.
Put as much into your mental performance as you do into your physical performance.

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programs to get the most out of their athletes and teams.
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